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A polyline is used in Auto-CAD plans in order to tie a record to various attributes of a space. In Saltmine, all spaces are tracked at the room boundary or block level inside of the floor model. Using this digitized model, we automate the polylining process created on the floorplan. We allow users to export the drawing with a room boundary polyline, automatically placed on the CAD plan to BOMA standards.
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Each year, endless amounts of time and money are spent on creating polylines and updating them each time a floor layout changes. At Saltmine, we streamline space planning by digitizing and automating the programming process, as well as the polyline process. Once a new or revised plan has been finalized, our platform generates an automated file that that is ready to be ingested into the desired IWMS system.
Scenario: Company A contracts Vendor X to trace, clean, and connect polylines for their 1 million square foot real estate portfolio. Vendor X charges a common .06 cents (USD) per square feet.
To do all of the above for an RE portfolio with 1 million square feet, the cost of Vendor X is calculated at around $60,000.

● 1 million square feet x .06 cents / square foot = $60k

If Company A were to use Saltmine’s auto polylining for their million square feet RE portfolio, the cost could drop by approximately half. Using the same formula above, the cost drops to $30,000 (1 million square feet x .03 cents / square feet = $30k).
Company A would have experienced a total time savings of
if they would’ve used Saltmine’s auto polylining.
In summary, here are 3 ways auto polylining tangibly improves a real estate design project:

1. Better processes. With automated polylining, you can perform your
space strategy and design in a single platform, and reduce the number
of steps it takes to polyline.
2. Overall time spent. Automated polylining reduces the time it takes to
design a space–even if you use an IWMS.
3. Accuracy of design. Polylining is often done by hand, which can leave a wide margin for inaccurate drawings and errors. Automating the file
generation immediately reduces the potential for human error.

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