Introducing the Design Cloud


Introducing The Design Cloud

A revolutionary workplace design platform built for global enterprises.

The Design Cloud is your single source of truth for work spaces, ratios, products, and more. This database is the foundation for a suite of powerful and easy-to-use applications that drive unprecedented consistency across projects globally.

Whether your team is responsible for strategy, programming, test fitting, concept design, or all of the above, Saltmine will empower you to get higher quality work done faster and with more engaged stakeholders.


The Saltmine Planning Application uses AI to instantly generate programs in alignment with your workplace strategy while maintaining complete flexibility to customize programs for project requirements.

Programs feed directly into Saltmine’s Test Fitting Application, eliminating data-loss and speeding up the process.



The Saltmine Test Fitting Application is simple, browser-based, native 2D & 3D, and enables revisions in real time. This empowers you to finalize test fits faster, cheaper, and with consistency across every project.

Test fits can be visualized as photorealistic renders and exported to Revit & AutoCAD directly from the platform.


Design is inherently collaborative and visual; however, the tools available for designers today (PDFs, static renderings, etc.) do not allow stakeholders to participate fully in the design process.

Saltmine’s Collaborative Visualization Application is an immersive environment where all elements can be modified in real time and displayed alongside key metrics such as cost, enabling designers to communicate their vision clearly and impactfully.


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