Introducing the Design Cloud


Introducing the Design Cloud

A revolutionary workplace design platform built for global enterprises.

Think of Saltmine as your new home for workplace design. It all starts with the Design Cloud, which acts as a central source of truth for your standards—your blocks, ratios, products and more—allowing you to maintain standards in one place and ensure consistency across projects globally.

The magic happens from there, with a suite of powerful but easy to use applications that allow your teams to get through Design Delivery significantly faster with more engaged stakeholders.


The Saltmine Planning tool brings your workplace strategy to life, enabling Strategists and Planners to generate fully editable programs instantly.

Programs are based on your workplace guidelines in the Design Cloud and feed directly into our Test Fitting application, ensuring tight coupling of program versus design.



Generate test fits faster, cheaper and with consistency across every project! The Saltmine Test Fitting application is simple, 100% web-based, native 2D and 3D, and enables revisions in real-time.

Your blocks and intelligent program is loaded from the Design Cloud, ensuring every designer is working off the latest information.


Design is inherently collaborative, visual and iterative, but the tools being used—email, phone, PDFs, spreadsheets, Revit, Sketchup—make this process painstaking.

Once you’ve finalized the architectural elements, Saltmine’s Collaborative Visualization application provides a 3D environment where you can visualize the space, engage key stakeholders and make real-time edits to finishes and furniture layout.


See what you can do in Saltmine.