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Often, collaboration across a real estate project can feel a bit disjointed. You have stakeholders from several different teams participating, typically with their own tools and processes, all trying to push a project forward. Emails go unread and updates do not get made to shared documents.
This typically leads to poor data quality and versioning issues that expound as the project grows and evolves.
Collaborative work on real estate projects are usually linear–i.e. you do your work and pass it to me, I do my part and pass it to someone else, they notice a mistake that you made, you fix your mistake, you send it back to me, I redo my work, and so on.
This is a process we can all relate to. It causes delays, increases margin for error, and can lead to deviations from important workplace guidelines and design standards.

Elevate Stakeholder Collaboration with Saltmine

Saltmine’s stakeholder collaboration functionality enables stakeholders (including 3rd party A&D partners and consultants) to collaborate in real-time on projects directly in the platform–reducing the number of shared docs, email threads, Slack channels, and headaches. This empowers organizations to govern their design standards by centralizing both their workplace standards and architectural proposals.
Saltmine provides clarity and direction–preventing accidental errors or deviation from standards for large teams where many opinions are involved.
Saltmine enables teams to work on their piece of the project in parallel with their cross-functional partners.
When teams and individual stakeholders have visibility and clear lines of communication, they get:
  • A holistic view of where the project stands and what everyone is working on.
  • A better perspective on ways to evolve or improve the plans and execution.
  • Open and direct communication and feedback from a the diverse array of teams on the project.
Regardless of where you are in the platform, Saltmine’s Activity Panel centralizes communication and allows users to tag teammates for feedback or assistance.
You can also:
  • Upload documents that you can use as references.
  •  Tag a specific location to ask someone to review or approve work done.
  • Maintain a record of changes so you can see who made what decisions, when, and most importantly, why.
Saltmine deskills and democratizes the process, allowing stakeholders from
Architecture & Design to HR to engage capital projects in the workplace

Saltmine clients benefit greatly from the ability to
collaborate across teams and with third parties

What you can expect:

  • Effective visual collaboration
  • Centralized and efficient communication
  • Reliable adherence to workplace standards and guidelines, regardless of team or portfolio size
Not everyone can (or wants to) read a floorplan. Saltmine’s immersive 3D walkthroughs and renders can enhance the design and execution experience for the uninitiated–allowing for increase engagement from across the team.
Saltmine empowers everyone to work faster and more collaboratively–making it easier to get the job done sooner.
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