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Traditionally, when workplace strategy has failed, it’s because the spaces and the people using the space are misaligned. This leads to employees interacting with the office because they have to and not usually because they want to. Often, this is a result of a process carried out without the input of those employees.
Executives, workplace teams, and workplace consultants can often rely heavily on industry trends or what has worked for other companies. However, most workplace experts will tell you that their secret ingredient is listening to their people. Afterall, shouldn’t a workplace reflect the people who work in it?

Saltmine’s platform can help organizations
foster a better workplace experience for
their employees

Central to Saltmine’s solution is Employee Heartbeat, a feedback loop that brings all employee feedback and sentiment data into one place–the same place your workplace teams are designing, test fitting, and doing cost analysis.
Having all of this information in one place gives workplace teams the holistic perspective necessary to create spaces in which employees want to work.
Saltmine’s 2D and 3D capabilities allow your workplace teams to develop 2D floorplans, while simultaneously tracking a bill of materials and ensuring alignment to workplace guidelines and design standards. Once they’re happy with the final product, they can share a 3D walkthrough of the space with employees to get them excited about the new space as well as get their feedback.

When employees are engaged in the workplace
design process, they tend to be happier and more
engaged in the workplace.

Outcomes companies can expect to achieve when they leverage Saltmine

Saltmine is a powerful collaboration tool, it brings more input–from a wider range of people–into the design process.
Saltmine’s Employee Heartbeat module specifically asks people to give their feedback and sentiments towards an existing or planned space. When that input gets cross-referenced with utilization data via Saltmine’s Space Temperature function, it better informs what spaces should and could be.
When workplace teams combine these elements, and feed them into space planning, they can be more confident that they are designing a space people will like and be engaged with–ultimately resulting in a more positive workplace experience.
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