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Are you looking to reconfigure or consolidate
your office space?

Historically, these projects are expensive, lengthy, and complicated. The traditional process is severely disjointed–it doesn’t allow for flexibility, lacks data-backed insights, leads to costly implications that are left too late in the process, and often results in many unaligned stakeholders. Not anymore!

enterprise workplace performance

Saltmine enables organizations to space plan
more efficiently, design and build faster,
reduce project costs, maximize the employee
workplace experience, and make informed
decisions when they matter most.

Our intuitive and accessible platform facilitates the rapid creation of integrated feasibility studies and test-fits. Saltmine also provides workplace planning and design teams with immediate access to their space programming calculations, design guidelines, furniture blocks, and pricing data.

The Saltmine platform allows you to:

work faster capital projects


  • Improve timing to obtain final concept approval
  • Replace manual and redundant processes with automation and digital intelligence
  • Collaborate live with easy to make edits or replacements
smarter capital project


  • Make better cost impacting decisions earlier in the process
  • Promote cost savings by allowing client teams to internalize a skillset and make informed decisions which are historically outsourced
  • Generate a high-level bill of materials to reduce chance of value engineering


  • Enhance the stakeholder experience by providing 3D visualizations to align all team members
  • Leverage 2D/3D visualizations to better inform executive-level decision making

Customer Case Study

A Fortune 50 Company uses Saltmine to perform in-house feasibility studies and centralize their workplace standards. In doing so, they have seen:

75% faster

pre-design, programming, and schematic design phases

$1 Million in annual savings

Their new agile ratios and organization of space better reflected how their employees actually work–increasing employee productivity by 10%.

$4.5 Million
reduction in change orders

from a 5% reduction in annualized project delivery change orders