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Company profile:

  • Tech Company
  • Headcount: 6,700 employees
  • Portfolio size: 2.2 million square feet
This company is committed to enhancing the data
infrastructure that keeps the modern world moving forward.

The challenge

Fragmented tools made it difficult to connect workplace, occupancy, and utilization data to the digital twins of architectural spaces.
After years of acquisitions and a lack of workplace oversight, this client lacked space standards, processes, and a comprehensive understanding of their commercial real estate portfolio. To address this, they hired an expensive consulting firm–but even these consultants relied on overly manual processes for data collection and report production. Reports were expensive to maintain and often became stale by the time they were finally generated.

Why Saltmine?

This customer ultimately chose the Saltmine platform because it allows them to track, analyze, and cross reference all workplace data in one centralized place. Saltmine makes their data actionable and provides meaning behind it which helps them develop a modern, human-centric workplace strategy.


Data-driven, human-centric workplaces

By centering workplace modifications around actual utilization and employee feedback, employee happiness skyrocketed.

Agile and productive workplaces

Their new agile ratios and organization of space better reflects how their employees actually work–increasing employee productivity by 10%.

Intelligent portfolio-level decision making

By centralizing all workplace data, they are now able to make intelligent, strategic decisions–resulting in a 2% increase in the efficiency of their RE portfolio.
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