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An enterprise workplace performance
and optimization platform

Saltmine intelligently automates and integrates people, data, and processes for the workplace—all within a collaborative cloud-based platform.
workplace performance
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Saltmine enables our customers to develop a human-centric workplace ecosystem. Our solution allows workplace teams to analyze, track, and interpret contextual insights and recommendations so they can create productive workplaces people will love.
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Saltmine helps our customers space plan more efficiently, design and build faster, reduce project costs, and execute projects with a high level of consistent quality. This enables customers to maximize the employee workplace experience and make collaborative, confident decisions when they matter most.

Intelligently and digitally evolve your workplace

At its core, Saltmine is an intelligent spatial database that digitally captures all of your real estate assets—empowering you to evolve your workplace experience.

From workplace data and floorplans to workplace applications, everything related to your portfolio lives under one intuitive roof—eliminating multiple point solutions.
workplace performance

Data consumption and analytics

Our platform brings together all data sets affecting your real estate portfolio, consumes it, and analyzes it based upon your business goals.

workplace performance Al and recommendations

Al and

Once all data is analyzed, Saltmine provides workplace teams with key insights and recommendations to reveal how workplaces can evolve.

workplace performance Application consolidation and optimization

Application consolidation and optimization

With these insights, seamlessly funnel data into portfolio optimization, operational efficiencies, and reduce project cost and time.

Our goal is to allow workplace teams to fully grasp their real estate portfolio. With this
comprehensive understanding, workplace teams can make well-informed decisions that yield both
time and money savings—all while enhancing their ability to improve the workplace experience.
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