Modern Software for Modern Workplace Design

Modern software for modern workplace design.

Saltmine is a collaborative, web-based platform that enables global enterprises to design space dramatically faster by connecting workplace strategy to programming to design to costing.

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Turbocharge your design process

Saltmine was purpose-built to make the design process hum. Whether it’s generating instant programs, building test fits in hours or revising finishes live in 3D with stakeholders, Saltmine unifies your process so you can make the right decisions faster.

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Bring your workplace strategy to life

The core of Saltmine starts with digitizing your guidelines—your blocks, performance standards and key ratios—in a centralized database so that you can be assured that every project across the world is built in alignment with your strategy.

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Make decisions faster, together

Design is fundamentally a collaborative process, but design tools aren’t built with collaboration in mind. Saltmine brings everyone—from a Junior Designer to a PM to a Head of Design & Construction to key executives—on to one centralized platform to visualize in 3D, make revisions in real time and approve projects.

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Integrated with your existing tools

What’s working today, only better. Integrating seamlessly with Revit, AutoCAD and 3DS Max, Saltmine allows your design partners to continue leveraging the tools they know for MEP and CDs while taking advantage of our web-based, modern platform that was purpose built for the highly collaborative design process.

Our team is your team

Shagufta Anurag
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Shagufta is the driving force behind our product vision, strategy and roadmap. She leads our product and customer success teams, connecting the dots between our revolutionary vision and the needs and aspirations of our clients. A serial entrepreneur and architect/designer, she founded and led Space Matrix, one of the largest interior design firms in the world, and co-founded Livspace, one of India’s premier home design marketplaces.

Zachi Ekhous
Chief Technology Officer

Zachi oversees all aspects of technology at Saltmine. He architected and built Saltmine’s platform and product, leading and growing the engineering team from the ground up. Zachi has a vast experience and expertise in 3D/VR, large GIS systems and IoT, and previously led technology teams of engineering, research, and product, as well as running startup companies in Israel.

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