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Transform Your Space

Optimize your real estate

Align your real estate with your people -- all while connecting the dots between lease and facility management to better navigate decisions.

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Plan for your future of work

Reimagine your space in a truly unique way--evolve and iterate your workplace in a world where hybrid is the new normal and insights are key.

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Design spaces that empower people

Craft offices that are tailored to the continuously changing needs of your dynamic workforce and foster an engaging office experience that inspires.

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See how Saltmine works

Saltmine's workplace optimization platform is built to help you streamline and execute your design, strategy, and future of work initiatives.

Optimizing workplaces worldwide

Sq. ft. of client real estate on platform
Of real estate portfolios optimized in one year
Time saved versus typical project schedule

Trusted by global companies, including 30+ active Fortune 1000 customers

Why Saltmine

  • Accessible: Connect with your stakeholders or view your designs anytime, all from our cloud-based platform.
  • Collaborative: Share and approve projects, make design changes, or store files in our immersive platform.
  • Iterative: Adjust floor plans, plan and design your space - all within minutes.
  • Smart: Digitize your design guidelines, while automating your space program to identify key space needs. Learn More
Saltmine at a glance

A holistic workplace strategy, design, and analytics platform.

  • Agile 3D design. Our highly collaborative, cloud-based platform allows teams to rapidly test fit workplace scenarios, streamline the design process, immerse contributors into visceral visualizations, and automate manual project steps.
  • Data-driven space planning. Saltmine allows designers and strategists to maximize the potential of a space, as well as pre-load respective corporate design guidelines and space standards by capturing, centralizing, and analyzing data workplace ratios and metrics. Learn More
“Partnering with Saltmine brought about a transformative change in the way we work across our workplace projects.”

Sanjeev Tullicherry

Senior Vice President and Head of Workplace Services APAC

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