Modern Software for Modern Workplace Design

The Design Cloud: Contemporary software for contemporary workplace design.

Saltmine is a cloud-based software platform that transforms how global enterprises design workspace.

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Turbocharge your design process

Saltmine is purposely built to make the design process hum. With AI powered space planning, native-3D test fits, collaborative FF&E visualization, and integrated analytics - our technology enables your team to do what they do best.

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Bring your workplace strategy to life

Saltmine is built on your design data - space types, performance standards, ratios, etc. - that live in a centralized database connected to functional apps. This means that every project across the world is built in alignment with your strategy. Boom!

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Make decisions faster, together

Design is fundamentally collaborative, but design tools are siloed and hard to learn. Saltmine changes this by bringing PMs, strategists, designers, executives, and other stakeholders to one platform that is intuitive and accessible on any web-connected device.

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Integrated with your existing tools

Saltmine integrates seamlessly with Revit and AutoCAD, allowing your design partners to continue using tools they are comfortable with for technical documentation, while leveraging Saltmine to power collaboration and capture data.

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