See The Future of Workplace Design

See the future of workplace design.


Saltmine is the revolutionary workplace design platform that keeps your people, values, and space in mind, transforming your company's vision into an inspiring place to work.


Saltmine is a unified platform with enabled real-time collaboration integrated to a curated marketplace, streamlining the entire design & build process into one enjoyable experience.

Many minds one outcome


With one collaborative platform, stakeholders can understand and affect each step with unprecedented transparency. And with no software required - they can access Saltmine from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Our integrated marketplace means your design ideas can be converted into BOM with a single click - providing better pricing visibility, greater efficiency, and reduced costs.


3D visualizations with real-time iteration make decision-making faster, and timelines shorter.

On Brand

Saltmine captures company culture, brand, and design guidelines, infusing them into the current build and saving them for the next - making staying on brand and on budget a breeze.


No surprises.
Only magic.

With our truly transparent platform that puts your vision at the forefront, you'll stay on schedule, within budget, and on brand.

Many moving
parts, one vision.

With our truly transparent platform, you'll stay on schedule and within budget.

  • 01Set your vision and upload your floor plan
  • 02Create customized design on the platform
  • 03Virtually explore the space, collaborate and make changes
  • 04Procure from a marketplace of products and materials
  • 05See your workplace come to life