What’s new in Saltmine? Check out some of our latest features here.
What’s new in Saltmine? Check out some of our latest features here.
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Resources for Your Workplace Reimagination


5 Reasons Why You Need An Employee-Centered Workplace Strategy

Centering your workplace strategy around your employees matters and it greatly affects your future-of-work. Learn more from this guide on how to develop a workplace strategy that supports a safe, sustainable, and adaptive workplace ecosystem that simultaneously fosters space evolution and employee loyalty.

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Saltmine’s Auto Polylining: Save time, revolutionize space

So much time and money is spent on the manual process of creating polylines and updating them each time a floor layout changes. To streamline this process, Saltmine has totally digitized and automated both the programming and polyline processes.

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Planning, Design, and Executing an Employee-Centric Workplace

Please enjoy this on demand webinar where Kate Lister (Global Workplace Analytics) and Mark Wartenberg (Nike) address the complex challenges and considerations of planning, designing, and executing an employee-centric workplace.

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Hybrid Work Calculator

Hybrid is here, and how you plan for it matters — for your people, your spaces, and for the future of your enterprise. With a few simple inputs, you can craft an intentional, data-driven floorplan.

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Guide to Workplace Lifecycle Management Technology

Is it possible for one technology to capture employee needs, optimize real estate portfolios, and more? Enter Workplace Lifecycle Management Software.

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Is Your Real Estate Portfolio Balanced? A Data Driven Self-Assessment

This self-assessment helps you find the right balance among business priorities — including finances, employee experience, workplace strategy and more across all your real estate assets.

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Don't Burn Up on Reentry: How to Optimize Your Workplace Strategy

Workplace reentry will look different for every business. But there are best practices to keep in mind as you plan your reentry or hybrid strategy.

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How to Build An Effective Hybrid Workplace

Creating a customized hybrid work plan for your enterprise is a lot of work. Our guide to building a hybrid workplace features insights from HOK and other experts to get you started.

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How Tomorrow's Workplace Can Solve Today's Workforce Crisis

Worried about your employee experience? Struggling to maintain your company culture through hybrid and remote? To answer those questions we compiled industry-leading research in this infographic.

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