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Fast, agile space planning

Create workplace strategies on a nimble and integrated platform and plan for your future of work in significantly less time.

Our powerful toolset can deliver quick workplace strategies that are 100% aligned to your design requirements.

Gain visibility into what space is being utilized, how it’s being used and what space you may need based on headcount.

Digital guidelines in combination with business requirements and fusion of data from additional sources such as utilization and employee feedback allows you to create workspaces that support changing behaviors.

Seamless portfolio optimization

Reduce cost by better understanding your portfolio needs with tools that are easy to use and reduce inefficiencies.

Increase visiblity with an interactive dashboard of all buildings, locations and key information such as utilization are, capacity, density and costs.

Cloud based platform houses all design guidelines, and automates requirements improving accuracy.

We take all of your static portfolio data and convert into a digital twin that can be used to analyze and optimize space needs and total cost.

Collaborative and responsive design tools

Use collaborative and interactive design tools that are built to help you and your people evolve with your space.

Floorplan designs can be created and shared for review without the need to import or use manual files improving communication and accelerating the approval process.

Create 3D walkthroughs, or redesign your space or configure changing floorplans to adapt to flexible work requirements.

Create detailed designs with custom finishes with products that are effortless and intuitive.

Centralized platform for workplace data

Single, streamlined solution for all real estate and workplace data

Comprehensive tracking and analysis of all real estate assets and projects.

Performance metrics such as density and benchmarking allow you to better understand how to utilize and optimize your space.

Powerful data fusion from external sources connects your workplace systems and services to your space.

"Partnering with Saltmine brought about a transformative change in the way we work across our workplace projects.”

Sanjeev Tullicherry, Senior Vice President and Head of Workplace Services APAC, Northern Trust