What’s new in Saltmine? Check out some of our latest features here.

Transform and digitize your real estate function into an integrated cloud platform

Access powerful interactive dashboards, multi-dimensional analytics, and comprehensive reporting to make data-driven decisions.

Seamlessly bring your teams and stakeholders together with enterprise-level user management capabilities. And set timelines for your project phases and simplify approval processes with easily configurable workflows.

Enable your teams and stakeholders to communicate in a whole new way by giving them context and visibility into the details that matter the most.


Create a workplace strategy that reflects evolving business needs and employee aspiration

Bring your strategy to life, using digitized design guidelines, dynamic employee survey data and utilization data from multi-dimensional sources.

Generate an intelligent program automatically based on algorithms driven by your organization culture. And interactively make changes based on real-time contextual engagement with stakeholders.

Seamlessly integrate strategy into the design process.


Enjoy speed and accuracy in your experience of evaluating different real estate options to match your needs

Saltmine fast-tracks your test fitting process by enabling you with a pre-defined kit-of-parts reflecting your digitized 3D design guidelines and business needs.

With virtual 3D walkthroughs that capture the essence of your next workspace, Saltmine lets your teams and stakeholders experience their organization culture come to life, enabling them to make a transparent and collaborative decision.

Iterate through different real estate options and scenarios seamlessly with comprehensive reports and automated auditing.


Unfold your workplace potential to design spaces that reflect your culture and empower your employees to perform at their best

Saltmine makes your design process agile by allowing you to swiftly shift from strategy to 2D to 3D to costing in real-time and make informed decisions early in the process to avoid pain of last minute changes on-site.

An integrated platform empowered with contextual collaboration, Saltmine is for everyone to work together and co-create, be it your executives, architects, vendors, project managers, designers, IT-AV, internal technology or marketing teams.

Saltmine makes your concept design a fluid experience by centralizing all your disparate data from your catalogs, pricing, materials, branding, graphics, signage, IT-AV onto one unified design cloud, and supports interoperability with industry-wide tools such as Revit and AutoCAD.

"Partnering with Saltmine brought about a transformative change in the way we work across our workplace projects.”

Sanjeev Tullicherry, Senior Vice President and Head of Workplace Services APAC, Northern Trust