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Our Customers Are Thriving

The Saltmine platform helps workplace teams measure, understand, plan, and deliver the future of their workplace—creating happier and more productive spaces.
Collectively, our customers have saved over a half of a billion dollars on workplace delivery and efficiency.

Here’s How

Fintech company saves $3 million on capital projects in less than a year.

ERP platform company saves $3.5 million on rent by reducing floorplan by 33%.

Tech company saves $50 million a year by increasing the productivity of their workplace.

Financial Services company digitizes all 8 million square feet of their portfolio, empowering them to make confident, portfolio wide workplace decisions.

International Banking company cuts test fitting timelines by 85% and reduces spend on 3rd party consultants.

Enterprise company saves $1 million in HQ project by eliminating extraneous back and forth with external partners.

Ready To Let Your Workplace Thrive?
Our team of passionate workplace experts are ready to help you leverage the power of Saltmine, so your workplace can thrive.
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Our platform companies create happier and more productive workplaces.
Our platform helps workplace teams measure, understand, plan, and deliver their future of workplace.
It’s Demo Time
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