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Saltmine is an all-in-one workplace optimization platform that helps workplace teams space plan more efficiently, design and build faster, reduce project costs, maximize the employee experience, and make informed decisions when they matter most.
We believe that capital real estate projects don’t have to depend on disjointed processes that more times than not, contribute to budget overruns, late timelines, and complicated design phases.
Our cloud-based platform allows workplace teams to engage in more agile programming and test-fitting, leverage data-backed insights, and better align stakeholders so the end product is a productive workplace people love.
From the C-suite to space planners, Saltmine is an accessible platform for all users. The platform’s intuitive interface facilitates agile creation of feasibility studies and test fits in a live 3D environment. This provides workplace teams immediate access to space programming calculations, design guidelines, product standards, pricing, and 3D visuals in one convenient cloud-based interface.



We live in a new era of work. Today’s workforce is dynamic and for the first time in history, workers no longer use in-person spaces by default.
Workplace teams are under a lot of pressure to attract people back to in-person spaces. To achieve this, they must be adaptive to changing worker behaviors.
However, many find themselves lost in the traditional means of engaging in workplace design and strategy.
New eras require new solutions. This is where Saltmine comes in.
The Saltmine platform is the workplace design and strategy technology for 5 major reasons:
  1. It empowers everyone–no matter what their background is–to fully grasp and understand architectural schemes.
  2. It provides quick and accurate analysis of cost during the pre-design phases and throughout the entire design process.
  3. It accelerates the design phases via streamlined data transfer and centralized communication.
  4. It makes static data actionable so design decisions can be made with total confidence.
  5. It democratizes the design process by channeling employee feedback into design decisions.


Think about everyone involved in a capital project. From those with design backgrounds to those without, different people have different skills, which means that everyone doesn’t always speak the same “language.”
When you’re dealing with plans related to capital projects, they can be at times very abstract–misinterpretations are bound to happen.
These pain points are resolved with Saltmine. With the live 3D design module, Saltmine makes architectural ideas come alive:
  • Instantaneous: Leverage a live 3D environment that responds immediately to 2D changes.
  • Accessible: Provide a 3D walkthrough environment on a universally accessible platform.
  • Accurate: Deploy your workplace standards in pre-approved blocks.
Being able to leverage direct correlations of what is being represented and proposed, allows everyone involved with a capital project to immerse themselves into the architectural plan and fully digest floorplans with ease.
Saltmine is the only workplace design platform that provides this level of accessibility, visualization, and out-of-the-box alignment.
Case Study: Global Fintech Company
Goal: To centralize all architectural plans and standardize the test fitting process across their global real estate portfolio.
Pain point: Unpredictable processes for test fits and not having a single source of truth for architectural plans resulted in missed project deadlines, budget overruns, and made confident decision-making a challenge.
Solution: By creating an immersive, 3D digital twin of their real estate portfolio, Saltmine allowed this company to make architectural plans accessible to everyone involved with capital projects. It also allowed the company to conduct feasibility studies and help predict what future projects will be successful.
  • In just one year, Saltmine cut test fitting timelines by 50%–a time savings of 1,800 hours.
  • Saltmine has saved an average of 4 weeks in pre-design and schematic design processes–a 50% time savings.
  • This customer is forecasting that they will save approximately $1.4 billion dollars in global CRE costs over the next 10 years–Saltmine is noted to be an integral part of this.
Saltmine allows anyone to understand and interact with a floorplan design via an immersive and collaborative 3D environment.


There is a certain energy when a capital project is in the pre-design phase.
While this energy is good, some folks in the pre-design phase can lose sight of important KPIs like budget. They want to incorporate every employee’s desire but if cost is not analyzed throughout the process, budget overruns are bound to happen.
Saltmine provides capital project teams with a quick and accurate understanding of project cost throughout every phase of the design process.
By leveraging our digital bill of materials, every asset can be tracked and quantified within the project. From furnishings to square feet of drywall–every cost related to the project is visible and can be quickly tracked under one, accessible roof.
Leveraging Saltmine’s automated digital catalogs, users can immediately associate the cost for things like bespoke furniture, specialty spaces, and even branding. This level of granularity can be rolled up to a summary level cost–providing visibility to ensure that projects stay on budget and on time.
Case Study: Global Banking Company
Goal: Improve the speed and accuracy of their early phase cost estimating.
Pain point: Leadership requires cost estimates with each test fit. Calculating takeoffs from a test fit is a laborious task that adds 1 to 2 weeks to their test fitting deliverables, and their estimates have an accuracy of +/- 30%.
Solution: Saltmine’s digital bill of materials automatically updates detailed takeoffs for all elements of a project. The takeoffs for any test fit can be exported in minutes and prices quickly assigned.
Outcome: More accurate cost estimates can be delivered in 1 to 2 days instead of 1 to 2 weeks, leading to a 75% reduction in labor. With greater confidence in the precision of the takeoffs, the customer now has a cost estimate accuracy of +/- 5%.
From the beginning of your design process, Saltmine automatically generates a detailed bill of materials and continuously calculates the changes you make. This allows users to instantly quantify the cost of all elements pertaining to design.


The pre-design and design processes–without Saltmine–broadly looks like this:
Disparate files: From endless PDFs and CAD files containing different floorplan versions, to siloed data and project documentation–files and information are scattered amongst different internal teams and external parties.
Ineffective communication: Whether it’s confusing email threads or repetitive in-person meetings, managing communication across the pre-design and design phase is a disjointed process.
Decentralized information: The crucial data points and information workplace teams and stakeholders need, in order to make informed decisions, often sits with 3rd party vendors and consultants in inconsistent formats. This leads to a “pull system” where requests for information and/or analysis is required–increasing both cost and time.
Leveraging Saltmine for all phases of the design process allows for seamless data and file transfer as well as more aligned communication.
Seamless data and file transfer: Having one, unified place for all your data and information, allows both internal and external teams to do what they need to while maintaining the integrity of design standards as they evolve.
Aligned communication: Saltmine provides an immersive, digital sandbox environment where teams can seamlessly collaborate and communicate across the same set of plans and data. This reduces miscommunication and ensures that all stakeholders are aligned throughout the test fitting process.
Case Study: Global Investment Firm
Goal: Centralize documentation of their global RE portfolio and bring early phase ideation and test fitting in-house, so new projects can be initiated quickly, consistently, and effectively.
Pain point: The company’s reactionary approach to new projects results in last minute assembly of project teams. These teams consist of consultants and outside designers with only high-level internal oversight–resulting in inconsistent results and disorganized portfolio documentation.
Solution: Preemptively digitizing existing spaces–before minor to moderate remodel projects come up–allows for agile test fitting when needed. Over time this results in the centralization of their RE portfolio.
  • Through the natural cycle of year-on-year projects, 95% of the company’s RE portfolio has been captured by Saltmine.
  • Test fitting turn around time has been reduced from 2 to 4 weeks, to 2 to 4 days for any given project.
  • As an unsought-for but valuable bonus, the company also has access to advanced 3D graphics, which they did not previously receive until the design development phase of a project.
Saltmine allows users to centralize all workplace data and stakeholders in one place–providing seamless project communication, collaboration, and visibility.


Workplace teams must rely on real-time data–not past assumptions–when it comes to capital projects.
Furthermore, data needs to be actionable in order for it to properly inform workplace design and strategy decisions.
Before any physical alterations are made to space, Saltmine’s actionable insights and powerful 3D visualizations empower workplace teams to evaluate how different floorplans will impact built structures and employees. Ultimately helping them to make confident decisions.
Easily benchmark data against workplace strategy and your portfolio to not only see where you are meeting your goals, but where to adjust your strategy in response to more recent workplace realities.
Revolutionize your Future of Workplace
Case Study: Tech company
Goal: In order to effectively inform a new workplace strategy, this company saw the need for a centralized platform to track, analyze, and cross reference all data to better inform their workplace strategy.
Pain point: This company’s workplace data was fragmented, coming from siloed tools, and didn’t easily connect to their digital floorplans. Data collection and reporting was largely handled by outside consultants–making the exercise time consuming and expensive. By the time these reports were generated, data was weeks old and irrelevant to current needs.
Solution: Real-time utilization and employee sentiment data can be pushed directly into the Saltmine platform–allowing this company to seamlessly connect workplace data to their digital floorplans and fully understand how spaces should be iterated in the future. This customer is now able to build their own unique workplace standards and more efficiently analyze their RE portfolio.
  • By centralizing all workplace data in Saltmine, the customer was able to make intelligent strategic decisions–resulting in a 2% increase in the efficiency of their RE portfolio.
  • Their new agile ratios and organization of space better reflected how their employees actually work–increasing employee productivity by 10%.
  • By centering workplace modifications around actual utilization and employee feedback, employee happiness skyrocketed.
Saltmine allows you to analyze your workplace portfolio in many different ways. This includes–but is not limited to–space type, region, utilization and employee sentiment data, and company departments. By leveraging this, workplace teams can take action on tangible insights to iterate scenarios and benchmark spaces in a digital sandbox environment.


Companies will often make decisions on how spaces should look and function solely based on what they’ve seen other companies do.
This cookie-cutter approach to design decisions often leaves out the perspective of the most important stakeholder:
The end-user–i.e., the employee
If companies want to retain talent and attract their employees to in-person spaces, the design process must include the input of employees. Engaging office settings increases utilization and sentiments towards in-person spaces.
Saltmine’s Employee Heartbeat feature allows users to seamlessly integrate employee feedback into the design process. This organized and systematic feature fully democratizes the design process and allows employees to influence design decisions.
Not only does this provide transparency on whether or not their feedback is being implemented, but further shows them how spaces will evolve and future space iterations will affect their day-to-day office experience.
Saltmine can drastically increase your ROX and help workplace teams build truly people-centric spaces that everyone will love and utilize.
Saltmine’s Employee Heartbeat function allows you to bring qualitative data and marry it with your quantitative data to better align your workplace to your workforce’s needs.



Companies must find a way to design people-centered epicenters that encourage employees to come back to the office.
The old workplace strategy and design playbook will not and cannot accomplish this. It’s too clunky, disjointed, and doesn’t allow workplace teams to make confident decisions.
Teams working on capital projects have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead their companies into the future by way of the workplace.
Saltmine is the platform that empowers workplace teams to plan and design spaces people love to work.


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