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Please enjoy this brief recap of our recent platform webinar “Accelerating Workplace Site Selection With Saltmine.”

In case you missed it, we recently conducted a platform webinar which discussed how Saltmine can accelerate the workplace site selection process for large companies.

As many companies are still wrestling with how to right-size office space to enable hybrid and flexible workplaces, topics like this come at an interesting time for the global workplace conversation.

According to one global workplace study of 119 workplaces in 22 countries, the average (North America, the UK, Latin America, and Asia) of office attendance is approximately 1.7 days per week.

While this limited study isn’t gospel, its results are consistent with the idea that many companies have too much space (it is estimated that in the US alone, there is ~ 59.4 million square feet of unoccupied office space) and will likely need to engage in the site selection process.

Why use Saltmine for Site Selection?

The below axis represents the progression of the site selection process as it relates to time and cost. axis 1

Early decisions have the highest impact on project cost; however, the traditional status quo workflow typically entails the most influential decisions being made mid or late in the process–which is when changes become increasingly more costly.

In short, the ideal workflow leverages early decisions to maximize cost control as early adjustments reduce the chance of inflated, late phase expenses.

axis 2If you’ve been involved in capital projects–in general–siloed teams, data, and workflows is a common predicament, leading to “game time decisions” and increased change orders late in project timelines.

As a result, budgets are overextended and timelines are elongated, highlighting the need to integrate teams, data, and workflows in the pre-design phase to maintain healthy budgets and timelines.

axis 3By making Saltmine the keystone software for the early phases of design, workplace and real estate teams can make accurate and confident decisions earlier on in a centralized, immersive, and collaborative environment.

This proactive approach minimizes cost, ensures budget alignment among all stakeholders from the start, and maintains an agile operational focus throughout the project lifecycle.

On demand site selection webinar

To discover how Saltmine accelerates the processes and reduces the costs associated with site selection, check out our on demand webinar with the link below:

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