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Cloud ERP giant goes digital for fast and collaborative workplace transformation

Our customer's Real Estate and Workplace team faced the same frustrating hurdles each time they started a new project. They lacked well-documented workplace strategies and guidelines, and a combination of out-of-sync workflows and an analog knowledge base prone to miscommunication, draining their time and resources. It was clear they needed a tech overhaul, and turned to Saltmine to establish and future-proof their new, digital process.

By revamping their processes with Saltmine, teamwork and collaboration have become more enjoyable, decisions are made easier, and projects are faster. The company now has the ability to reference and utilize data from past and current projects. Further, digital workplace guidelines developed for this newly synthesized resource now inform all initiatives moving forward while maintaining the ability to be adjusted to meet future developments in the workplace.
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“Saltmine has given us an easier, more engaging and efficient way to work with our colleagues across the world by switching our assets from non-digital to digital,” says the Senior Manager, Real Estate and Workplace, Global Strategic Planning.

“We now have the ability to see the spaces early on, do multiple test-fits and use data to make better-informed workplace decisions,” she adds.

The team used the Strategy and Capacity Study modules on Saltmine to create, approve, and bring digitized workplace strategies to life. Making the most of multi-dimensional analytics, they reduced 20 unique workplace strategies to an approved six. This means that their design process now starts off from a more mature position, which can be developed easier and rolled out faster.

“Saltmine has given us an easier, more engaging and efficient way to work with our colleagues across the world by switching our assets from non-digital to digital. "

Senior Manager, Real Estate and Workplace, Global Strategic Planning

Within 12 months, the Real Estate and Workplace team analyzed and test-fitted more than half a million square feet across 36 unique projects globally. These test fits and their correlated data are now saved in Saltmine’s Intelligent Design Cloud, ready to be deployed whenever the team has a new workplace project to launch.

Before Saltmine, it could take four to six weeks for the team to receive a finalized 2D test fit after a lease was signed. Now, thanks to digitization, they can have them in-hand four to five days after inputting their project information. Using Saltmine, the software giant has slashed their programming phase by 70%, and lead time to test-fitting by 60%.

Transformation for productivity

By establishing a new, streamlined process, digital transformation has — perhaps most importantly — made workplace projects a more delightful experience for the people involved. Stakeholders can see the designer’s vision early on using Saltmine’s 3D walkthroughs, commenting and requesting revisions with access to relevant context. And thanks to iterative workflows, the Project Management team can move seamlessly through approval processes, giving them more bandwidth to handle additional scope.

"We can now program and test fit potential spaces with data-driven planning in-house, and deliver these plans to our Real Estate team quickly, so decisions can be made efficiently,” says the Global Program Manager.
By giving the team an easier, more engaging and efficient way while working together on their workplace projects, Saltmine is a match to the company’s cultural and innovation values.
Going digital with Saltmine has enabled all teams to work more efficiently and has removed friction from inter-organizational collaboration. Dispersed teams and stakeholders can now do everything in one place, and implement workplace strategies and guidelines globally.

"Saltmine has proven to be an increasingly valuable resource to our team,” says the Senior Global Strategic Planning Specialist. “The system allows us to apply logic and our standards to spaces in a way we never could before. It keeps our spaces consistent and streamlines our processes to better serve our real estate portfolio."
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