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    West Coast, United States
    5,000-10,000 employees

Leading utilities provider partners with Saltmine for a streamlined workplace design process

In 2019, Saltmine partnered with the corporation's real estate team to simplify their process of getting workplace projects planned, presented, and approved.

In the past, the team working on projects purchased furniture and finishes that no one in the organization had reviewed or agreed on. Since using Saltmine, the customer effectively ordered standard furniture from selected vendors for six projects. Their design delivery now has a predictable outcome with all stakeholders on board.

“Turn time has cut down by an additional 75% on test fits, while ensuring all guidelines are followed."

Saltmine helps the customer ensure standard furniture from multiple vendors across different projects
This is thanks to Saltmine’s Concept Design module, which can transform 2D designs into fully-rendered 3D walkthroughs in seconds. It’s perfect for presenting to stakeholders and directors as it shows the exact furniture and finishes that will be used on the project. With Saltmine, this corporate real estate team simultaneously test fitted over 20 sites in the last six months.

Working with an architectural firm on the Saltmine platform, the company has since developed furniture and finish guidelines for 50 worksettings, with around 300 furniture pieces.

Now, they create test fits in Saltmine and share them with hundreds of stakeholders, who engage virtually to experience the design process.

Workplace programming and design, streamlined

Completed workplace layouts weren’t always as expected, and often didn’t follow the brand guidelines. The team often battled with transparency and poor communication among stakeholders when programming and designing the company’s new workplaces. Saltmine truly helped streamline the workplace processes by configuring the workflow and approval system. Designing a workplace can take between nine months and a year to complete from strategy to approval. On average, working with Saltmine cuts project timelines in half. It saved even more time for the customer. With Saltmine, the team cut turn time down by an additional 75% on test fits, while ensuring all guidelines were followed. Now multiple user profiles are used to share design files easily among partners and stakeholders.
Creating inspiring workplaces using Saltmine's all-in-one intelligent design platform
With a digital area for each department involved in the process, Saltmine makes the project's visibility easy: everyone can view and approve each step of the process.

Adding project team members and streamlining the approval phase are simple, with all involved stakeholders providing accurate inputs thanks to the transparent context they have when collaborating on the same digital platform.

Together with Saltmine, the team successfully brought people, data and processes together to get their new workplaces strategized, programmed and designed, simply.
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