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    San Francisco, CA
    24,000 employees

With Saltmine, a global gas & electric giant expedites decision-making by 80%

Learn about how this major corporation expedited decision-making for all their design and real estate portfolio needs with Saltmine.

A publicly traded gas giant creates efficient project timelines and increases levels of stakeholder engagement by utilizing Saltmine for all of their design and real estate portfolio needs. As a result, they’ve seen faster decision-making within their organization. 

Over the last five years, they've been developing their workplace experience. The gas and electric company's workplace team has developed workplace programs for the organization that have delivered great results using Saltmine.

In many workplaces today, teams find themselves working against project deadlines, budget overruns, and inefficient processes. They've experienced the challenge of managing multiple projects across portfolios, while also trying to accommodate stakeholders throughout the process. 

On any given day, those stakeholders could be executives, other lines of the business, working teams, programming teams, and other cross functional partners such as IT. Saltmine’s comprehensive strategy and design modules have helped the team completely rethink how their business looks the workplace. 

"Saltmine has helped tremendously with aligning expectations and ensuring stakeholders are on the same page.”

A Project Manager Says

"You are able to show people what they are going to get, instead of using spreadsheets and outdated data points. We are able to show them how the experience works and what it will look like."

They will typically identify whether or not projects are successful by determining how quickly decisions are made, reducing the number of changes within a project in a feasible timeline, and aligning key stakeholders with these decisions. In order to be successful, time and cost efficiency must be two core focus areas for teams within the business. With Saltmine, they can increase visibility on projects and provide a high level of alignment and decisions to be made quickly within the organization. 

“From scenario planning to test fits--the fact that we are able to do this, in-house, with the help of Saltmine, is priceless. It truly is a great collaboration platform. All of the executive presentations we are doing right now are an output of Saltmine.”

Saltmine is built to enhance collaboration between architects, designers, real estate teams, and key stakeholders within all businesses.

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