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Company profile:

  • Enterprise financial services company
  • Headcount: 70,000 employees
  • Portfolio size: 8 million square feet
This industry-leading financial services company provides global investment and technology solutions.

The Opportunity

During the pandemic, this company continued to grow at a rapid rate–creating a highly diverse and talented workforce but an increasingly distributed one, as well. As the world began to open back up, they wanted to attract this distributed workforce back into the office.
In order to bring people back, this company was going to need to adapt the real estate to the way their employees were now going to interact with the office. This would require the reimagination of 8 million square feet of office space.

Why Saltmine?

To capture a real estate (RE) portfolio of this magnitude, they saw they need to digitize their entire portfolio.
Ultimately, they chose Saltmine because they could leverage a single platform to study potential designs modifications and test various scenarios of what a true post-pandemic office might look like.

How they use Saltmine

This customer uses Saltmine to:

● Standardize and centralize all seat names for desk-level wayfinding.
● Streamline executive-level decision making and enhance stakeholder engagement by way of Saltmine’s powerful 3D visualizations.
● Develop new design standards and guidelines to study and test fit new re-entry layouts.
● Input BOMA standards in the platform to ensure all spaces are BOMA compliant.
● Automate the manual process of polylining with Saltmine’s Auto Polylining feature.
● Leverage Saltmine’s Activity Panel to better communicate and coordinate between team members- allowing for quicker and more efficient project management.


Centralized data and insights

Digitized all eight million square feet of office for current and future capital projects.
Saltmine digital twins are accessible to all team members. Portfolio wide data provides insights into their workplace that previously didn’t exist.

Time saved test fitting and studying the workplace

Reduced time spent in the pre-design process by 75%.
Reduced the design to approval process by 30%.
Reduced stakeholder alignment meetings by 80%.

Living workplace standards

Workplace standards are no longer a static document in constant need of revision.
They are now a living and evolving methodology used to inform all upcoming projects and workplace decisions.
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