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Fortune 500 Company
Forecasts a Staggering
$1.4 Billion Savings in
CRE Costs

Saltmine is an all-in-one digital platform for enterprise businesses and real estate teams to effectively strategize, design, and optimize their workplace.
The Fortune 500 Fintech company, best known for its ability to redefine the digital economy, faced a unique challenge when it came to consolidating all its architectural plans and design drawings under one umbrella.
With a strong workforce of 30,000 employees and a portfolio size of 4.2 million square feet, the Fintech company saw that the Saltmine platform could centralize all their architectural plans and streamline their design processes.
Pain point: Like many other enterprise organizations, the company’s tech stack was fragmented, and it also lacked a centralized place for architectural plans and design drawings.
The decentralized nature of information posed a major challenge as crucial plans and strategies were mostly held by expensive third-party consultants, despite some of these being saved in different tools and software.
How did Saltmine help this Fintech company cut timelines and make long-term CRE savings?
Here is how Saltmine empowered this company to standardize the test-fitting process and make staggering savings:
  • Saltmine enabled the company to leverage a digital twin of their real estate portfolio, helping stakeholders and team members easily comprehend design standards and architectural plans.

  • By preloading their new workplace design standards into Saltmine, every workplace team had a standardized way of test-fitting a floorplan, accelerating the test-fitting process.

  • Test-fitting timelines were significantly cut down by 50%, resulting in savings of 1,800 hours and over $500k annually.

  • The company was duly empowered to strategize and visualize targeted interventions in existing underutilized spaces.

  • The company further witnessed 50% time savings in the pre-schematic and schematic design processes. This helped the organization save an average of 4 weeks in all the design phases.

  • Finally, the company was able to forecast $1.4 billion in global CRE costs over the next 10 years.
To learn how Saltmine’s cloud-based workplace optimization platform can help you revolutionize your future of workplace planning and streamline capital projects, check out our two brief Fact Sheets below:
Saltmine provides organizations with an immersive environment where workplace teams can seamlessly collaborate and communicate using the same set of design plans and data. This significantly reduces miscommunication and ensures that all stakeholders remain aligned throughout the test fitting process, ultimately resulting in significant time and cost savings for companies.