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How Saltmine Helped This
Enterprise Reduce Floorplan
by 33% and Save $3.5 million

An industry-leading ERP company, best known for providing due assistance to HR and finance professionals in balancing data about people and finances, sought Saltmine’s help in centralizing workplace standards. Saltmine’s workplace design and optimization capabilities ultimately helped the company reduce its floorplan by a whopping 33%, thus saving $3.5 million on rent over the next 5 years.

enterprise workplace performance
Here’s how:

Pain point: Despite consistently executing capital projects, this top-tier ERP company failed to comply with its own workplace guidelines, despite boasting a robust workforce of 15,000 employees and an impressive 3 million square foot portfolio.

Centralization of all their operations in-house would empower the internal working team to ensure that all global spaces complied with their workplace guidelines and building standards.

How did Saltmine help?

The cloud-based platform of Saltmine is designed to assist real estate agencies and workplaces with efficient space optimization. In order to ensure consistency and project quality, the company recognized this and successfully centralized all of its new and ongoing capital projects using Saltmine.

The centralization of all crucial workplace projects allowed all project members and stakeholders access to various projects simultaneously by providing a single centralized platform where all project-related information, including data, documents, and communication, is stored.

After accurately analyzing the problem at hand, Saltmine empowered this company to overcome their challenges in the following ways:
  • Saltmine enabled the company to rapidly program spaces in line with their guidelines, leading to intelligent, guidelines-compliant spaces and floor plans.

  • All new as well as existing projects were made accessible to all project members and stakeholders, resulting in informed decision-making.

  • Bringing critical early design steps in-house, including site selection, enabled the company to save significant time and money, as it provided better control over the design process and facilitated faster decision-making.

  • By implementing a business plan devised by the team, the ERP company achieved a significant reduction in non-compliant spaces, resulting in a 33% decrease in floor plan and a $3.5 million rent savings over the next five years.

  • The company’s centralization of collaboration with stakeholders, regional directors, site leads, and external partners marked a significant turning point in streamlining its operations and improving overall deliverable quality, engagement, expectations, and project flows.

In the absence of effective workplace optimization capabilities, the pre-design and design phases can become cluttered, with scattered files and ineffective communication leading to the decentralization of key information and data.

The ERP company was struggling to comply with its own workplace guidelines until it turned to Saltmine’s cloud-based platform. With efficient space optimization and a centralized platform for capital projects, Saltmine helped the company align its projects with workplace guidelines and improve compliance.

By leveraging Saltmine for all phases of the design process, as the ERP company did, organizations can empower themselves to ensure seamless data and file transfers, as well as more aligned and efficient communication. This can lead to faster project delivery, improved collaboration, and better decision-making, ultimately resulting in a more successful project outcome.