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As many companies work to attract people back to the office, they’re realizing the old ways of optimizing physical spaces aren’t cutting it. Meeting the needs of the hybrid workforce requires innovative design and planning.

Saltmine enhances operational efficiencies by optimizing the use of physical office space–here’s how:

Assessing how a building will be used

The key to figuring out the best ways to use a physical space involves surveying the various options a company has for optimizing the utility of its physical space. For example, the company can trial and compare:
  • Different workplace scenarios
  • Different densities of team members within the space
  • Different locations of teams based on how they might work together in the space
Some companies are realizing that employees are either reticent or outright opposed to working in their traditional office spaces simply because their needs have changed. Even before the pandemic, offices were underutilized and needed improvement to better support operations.
Post-pandemic, in many situations, less than 20% of the building is being used efficiently, resulting in wasted capital.

How the Saltmine platform helps companies enhance operational efficiencies

The Saltmine platform revolutionizes the process of optimizing space using a unique approach.
At the foundation of the Saltmine platform are these key concepts:
  • Saltmine enables rapid test fitting, giving users the ability to quickly test different scenarios while incorporating real time feedback from stakeholders across the org.
  • Saltmine consolidates data from multiple sources, giving stakeholders access to a comprehensive database of information that has historically been stored across multiple softwares–think utilization, badging, and room booking data.
  • Saltmine automatically layers multiple streams of utilization data on top of architectural models and immediately flags underutilized space–guiding design teams to maximize efficiency across the portfolio .
Saltmine also enables you to gather employee feedback–allowing planners can incorporate employee sentiments into the design process.

Outcomes companies can achieve with Saltmine

With Saltmine, you can iterate different workplace scenarios, getting you to a resolution confidently and significantly faster than usual. In addition, you can expect more employee buy-in. If your employees play an active role in the process, they’re more likely to use the space, be happier with it, and as a result, stay with your company.
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